The primary focal point of nearly every discussion on converting to LED lighting from traditional light sources seems to revolve around the reduction in energy used and the subsequent savings to the owner.  And while those numbers can be astoundingly attractive (especially when ROIs for entire large projects come in at less than two years) that is not the only benefit of LEDs, or the only way they can boost your bottom line.


Have you ever touched a fluorescent tube, or worse yet, an incandescent bulb that has been on for a while?  If you have, you know that these light sources can generate quite a bit of heat.  LEDs don’t produce light in the same fashion as these more familiar light sources – in fact, a properly designed and installed LED light produces far less heat (many are cool to the touch) this seldom discussed benefit can have a big, positive impact on cooling costs in your facility.

Another huge positive of LEDs is longevity – LED light sources can last 50,000 hours (which figures out to be more than a decade with 12 hour per day/seven day per week operation).  That means a lot less changing bulbs, a lot less work for the maintenance crew and a lot less cost on replacement lamps.

LEDs are also manufactured without the use of mercury or other potentially dangerous or toxic materials.  This means no extra costs for recycling or disposal of traditional style lamps.

LEDs don’t suffer the same level of light output degradation as other light sources.  Where an HID or flourescent light source becomes noticeably dimmer over the course of several months post installation, LEDs continue to burn bright and deliver high quality, highly usable light.

There really hasn’t been a better time to initiate an upgrade in your lighting.  Making the move to LED lights will result in a brighter, safer and more comfortable work space, while dramatically reducing costs in several areas of operation.

Ready to see if an LED conversion is right for your office, warehouse or facility?  Drop us an e-mail at for a fast quote or free consultation!

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