We traveled down to the beautiful and friendly city of Knoxville Tennessee to take a look at another Captain D’s restaurant location that was in need of some lighting upgrades.

Our first stop was the “back of the house” in the frigid walk-in freezer.  The existing light was a four foot vapor tight fixture with high output T12 bulbs.  Here is what the freezer space look liked when we arrived:


As you can see the space was dark and employees were having difficulty finding what they needed and often spending much more time than necessary in the below freezing temperatures.

In just a few minutes – with no tools – we installed our four foot magnetic LED retrofit kit.  You can see what the walk-in freezer looks like now here:


The space is now much brighter and easier to work in.  We managed to deliver the dramatic increase in light, while cutting the energy used by more than 50% and virtually eliminating the need for maintenance (our retrofit kits are warrantied for 5 years!)

If your facility could use a lighting upgrade to create a better work environment, or you want to see about slashing utility and maintenance costs in your office or business – send us an email sales@greenlightingtechnologies.net


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