Some business owners are leery about embarking on a complete LED upgrade due to the initial investment of expensive brand new LED fixtures.


One of the primary reasons that we launched Green Lighting Technologies was to provide business and building owners the opportunity to enjoy improved lighting, to experience big reductions in utility costs and to reduce their facility’s potential impact on the environment – all without having a monumental initial investment.

What some business owners don’t realize is that they can take advantage of all of the benefits of LED lighting by retrofitting their existing fixtures with our product – and that the state might just help them pay to do it!

Depending on where your business or building is located, there may be some very generous state rebates that you can take advantage of when installing our magnetic retrofit kits.  In the state of New Jersey you might be eligible for up to $5 per fluorescent light bulb replaced or a flat rate per fixture replaced; in the state of Maryland you might be eligible for up to $90 per fixture retrofitted with LEDs (imagine what that payout from the government would do to your ROI!)

Upgrading to LED doesn’t have to strike financial fear into the hearts of business owners – in fact, with the rebates available in many states, the offset to the cost of the product and labor helps deliver a payback that can be measured in months rather than years.

Interested in learning more?  Send us an e-mail at for a fast quote; for info on the available rebates in your state or to just speak with one of our representatives about what an LED upgrade could do for your business!

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