A big part of the challenge that faces many building and business owners when considering LED lighting is the complexity of the change.  Property owners have to go through the process of picking out a new fixture, that doesn’t look anything like what they are used to, and hope that the light output and rendering are equal to or better than what they are used to.

A complete renovation involving new fixture installation can be laborious and time consuming as well, with licensed contractors having to open up the ceiling and disrupt the work going on below for days, or possibly even weeks, completing the project.

This makes some business owners wonder if the savings in energy are enough to offset the disruptions to their business.  And this doesn’t even factor in the high cost of many LED fixtures, some of which can cost hundreds of dollars with installation.

At Green Lighting Technologies we have found a better way.  You keep your existing fixtures when you upgrade with us – and the conversion literally takes only a few minutes per fixture to deliver improved light output with a dramatic reduction in energy use.


Our two and four foot magnetic retrofit kits can be installed into existing fixtures in minutes, with no tools required.  Depending on your existing fixtures, your energy consumption could be reduced by nearly two thirds and, depending on the size of your facility, your entire project could be completed in a day (or a few) compared to what might take weeks for full facility fixture replacement.

You get all the benefit of LED lighting – the reduced cost, the minimal maintenance, the improved light quality – without any of the hassle or mess associated with a complete lighting upgrade.

And depending upon your location and the size of your project, our techs at Green Lighting Technologies might even be able to handle the installation as well!  Drop us an e-mail at sales@greenlightingtechnologies.com to get a fast quote, a free consultation or to find out if your project might be eligible for state rebates.

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