A customer came to us with a problem – they had dim menu boards in their facilities where bulbs were constantly going out and needing to be replaced.  And even when the bulbs were new, the boards just weren’t as brilliant as managers and employees wanted them to be.

That’s were Green Lighting Technologies comes in.  We offer retrofit solutions for all types of scenarios – restaurants, offices, retail stores, shops, garages, conference rooms, classrooms, hallways… we’ve go the ideal solution for upgrading your existing fluorescent ceiling, stairwell and hallways fixtures to LED, without a complicated install process.

Our LED retrofit solution is DLC rated (which can help you qualify for utility rebates depending upon your location), they install in minutes and they reduce energy consumption by nearly 60% while providing more usable light!

Take a look at these menu boards:


That’s our retrofit kit in the board on the left next to the standard fluorescent tubes in the board on the right.  In just a few minutes, this menu board was converted to LED, resulting in a dramatic improvement in appearance to go along with reduced energy use and a huge reduction in future maintenance and replacement costs to the business.

Have fixtures in your home, office or business that could benefit from a lightening fast upgrade to LED?  Drop us a note to sales@greenlightingtechnologies.com for a free consultation or fast quote.

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