Georgia has a number of fast growing metro areas, with a multitude of small and medium sized businesses that all have one thing in common.  They are likely paying too much money every month to light their buildings.

Small business owners tend to watch closely over costs associated with inventory, supplies and salaries in an effort to get into or to stay into “the green”, but they often overlook what can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to trim costs and improve production in their facilities.

In a typical office environment, your lighting can be responsible for nearly 40% of the electricity consumed.  Imagine the impact on your monthly expenses if you could cut that number in half (or by two thirds).

An upgrade to high efficiency LED lighting can do just that – but many business owners are leery of undertaking what they feel could be a large and expensive project.  What these business owners and property managers don’t know is that the cost of an LED upgrade has come down in recent years and that their local utility might be offering an outstanding rebate program to help offset the cost of the initial investment!

What this means for you is better lighting in your office or facility, with a very short ROI – so you can begin reaping the benefit of dramatically reduced energy bills much sooner than you might have thought.  Georgia Power currently has money available for rebates to help customers just like you complete those energy efficient upgrades in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Your first step to completely your energy efficient lighting upgrade in Georgia is contacting us for a free consultation or quick quote.  We have a magnetic LED retrofit kit that can quickly and easily replace linear fluorescent lamps to improve the atmosphere of your building while slashing utility costs!

Email us at for more information.

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