A customer called inquiring about a brand new LED fixture for the storage area in their restaurant.  They had existing two lamp lensed fixtures that just weren’t getting the job done.

The had tried local distribution and got quotes for complete LED fixtures, but were a little shocked by the price tag.  The customer had explained that they had tried LED replacement bulbs in another location and weren’t happy with the install process, the light output or the cost.

Many LED replacement tubes require the installer to bypass the existing ballast and deliver direct voltage to the socket in order for the lamps to fire.  This can pose a problem during installation and in the future when it comes time to replace the lamps – if someone puts a standard fluorescent tube into a socket with no ballast in place to regulate the voltage it could pose a serious safety issue.

He was wondering if we could help him out and I offered the perfect solution.  Our magnetic linear retrofit kit is fast and easy to install (the whole process can be completed in just minutes) and delivers enough light to replace the output of a four lamp t8 fixture! The customer wouldn’t need an outside contractor, he’d get the light he needed and he’d save money – all without a big upfront investment.

He just sent me these pictures of the installed product:



A tremendous increase in light output to create a much friendlier work space, along with a reduction in energy use and utility costs.  This customer couldn’t be happier with the results.

Interested in upgrading your existing lighting to a brighter, more economical and more eco-friendly source?  Shoot us an e-mail at sales@greenlightingtechnologies for a free consultation or fast quote.


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