One of our clients came to us with an issue regarding the low level lighting in their drive through menu boards.  They have already installed or LED retrofit kits in the interior of their stores but were looking for a high quality solution for this exterior issue.


In the photo above you can see the center area of the menu board is much dimmer than the side and upper sections.  These boards are difficult and expensive to maintain, and the existing light set up simply didn’t deliver the necessary brightness even with brand new lamps.

We informed our partner that they could use the very same LED retrofit kits that they used in the “back of the house” troffers and restroom fixtures in these boards to improve the lighting while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

img_8285Here is a shot of the same menu board after the fast and easy upgrade to LED using our magnetic retrofit kit.  Our partners’ customers can now clearly see everything that the restaurant has to offer since the upgrade and we were able to cut energy use by more than half with this upgrade!

Interested in the possibility of upgrading the lighting at your business or office?  Drop us an e-mail at for a fast quote, free consultation or more information on what LED lighting can do for you.

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