One of our client locations in the great state of Tennessee was having some issues keeping their drive through menu board lit.  Between ballast failure and burned out bulbs it seemed like an employee was always working to keep the board lit up so customers could place their orders after the sun when down.

As you can imagine, this isn’t an ideal way for an employee to spend their time on the clock – and a poorly lit board can have an impact on business.  If a customer can’t see all of the options that are available to them, the business could be losing sales.


The above is a before picture, with standard fluorescent tubes struggling to light the middle section of the menu board, creating a difficult experience for drive through customers.

The picture below was taken after a member of the maintenance staff installed our magnetic LED retrofit kit:


See how much brighter the center of the board is with the upgrade?  Now customers can easily see all of the options without any issue at all.  And, our LED magnetic retrofit kit is backed by a 5 year warranty, so employees will no longer have to worry about venturing out into the elements (or into the darkness) to change burned out bulbs.

With this fast, simple upgrade our customer was able to immediately create a better experience for their customers and their employees – and the super high efficient LED retrofit kit will save them money on their utility bills compared to the fluorescent tubes they had lighting the menu board before!

Our magnetic retrofit kit is available in two foot and four foot lengths and works incredibly well in standard office ceiling fixtures (both recessed troffers and surface mounted fixtures), it can be used in bathrooms, hallways, warehouses, garages… almost anywhere you are using fluorescent tubes to deliver light!  This upgrade provides more light for less money – and depending on your location, your utility company may offer a rebate to help offset the initial cost of the project.

Interested in learning more?  Email us at for a free consultation or a fast quote today!

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